Using micro-niches to increase conversions

Using a plugin like Statpress Visitors for WordPress you can easily see what search terms users are entering to come to your site. WIth suprCloakr, monetising these terms has never been easier.

Start by installing Statpress Visitors (or use AWStats if you prefer, available if you are using cPanel). Watch them for a week or so and you will see certain terms commonly occurring. These are the terms we’re going to monetise.

Usually you will be able to monetise directly with a relevant offer. There may be a product on Amazon or a Clickbank offer that directly relates to the user’s search.

First of all, you’ll want to sign up for the affiliate network if you haven’t already done so, and then get your affiliate link for this product. Make sure you add this link to the post that users are landing on. This is so that when the affiliate checks your page, they will see you’re linking to them.

In suprCloakr, create a new campaign. You will want to target the post ID, so enter that into the Cloak What: Post IDs box.

Next, in the Cloak Who? section, you can enter this text into the Referrers box to cloak everyone who comes from the top three search engines:


Finally, in the Cloak How? section, set the Method to Redirect and enter your affiliate link into the URLs box.

Click Save. If you have generic campaigns set up already, you’ll probably want to change the priority of your campaigns so that the specific campaign loads first.

What you’ve done is set up a campaign to target visitors from search engines, who are coming to your post, and redirecting them directly to a very relevant offer. And because it only redirects search engine traffic, when your affiliate managers check the link, they will see your original post, with links to their products.

You can do this for as many incoming terms as you like. Even if you have a specific keyword set you’re targeting, you will always find that different users are looking for different things. Don’t just send them all to the same offer hoping they’ll convert – laser-target them with offers matching exactly what they’re looking for!