Own your traffic

Designed with security and flexibility in mind. Match traffic by anything - IP, search terms, country, even reverse-DNS.

Cloak traffic to affiliates. Frame and incentivise CPA offers. Cookie stuff or boost traffic numbers for external sites. Redirect traffic and spoof the referrer.

suprCloakr isn't a game changer. It's a game owner.

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How does it work?

Target different users based on different criteria. This can include incoming search keywords, country, whether they’re viewing the homepage or a tag archive or a custom post – and much, much more.
Once you have them, you decide what to do with them. Monetise your traffic like never before.

  • Download the suprCloakr demo to see a glimpse of what’s possible.

    • Restrictions: Reverse-DNS, GeoIP and bSeolized IP database disabled
    • One campaign with one frame per site
  • Overlay a CPA or affiliate offer directly on your site.

    • Multiple frames lets you incentivise traffic
    • Rotate multiple offers for split-testing
  • Load hidden frames for cookie stuffing or boosting traffic numbers.

    • Unlimited frames – stuff multiple offers at once
    • Only stuff users once in a timeframe you set, i.e. 24 hours
  • Redirect the user to another URL to disguise your traffic sources

    • Reset the referrer to the current site/page/post
    • Rotate multiple URLs to split-test offers
  • Show the user a different theme

    • Load up any theme installed on your blog
    • The user will only see this theme for the duration of their visit
  • Load a plain text or HTML file instead of your blog

    • By far the easiest way to show a custom-written lander
    • Simply upload to your suprCloakr directory and assign to a campaign


Elegance, Performance, Full Features. No Compromise




What you’ll receive

Plugin, documentation & bonuses

Your subscription entitles you to use suprCloakr on unlimited websites.
You will receive automatic updates within hours of them being released.
You won’t have to lift a finger – we stay up to date for you.

You will receive full documentation on each feature, and usage guides for various cloaking and redirecting methods, using IP blacklists and visitor detection.

You’ll also get access to the members-only How To section. If you’d like to know how to set up campaigns for a specific purpose, ask us and we’ll get a guide online for everyone to benefit.

You will also receive a bonus guide entitled Disguising source traffic with free blogs.
This guide explains a method of using free blogs as referrers to completely hide your source traffic from your affiliates.

Contact Us

Want to talk to us before subscribing, or have a chat about the best strategy for your site? Maybe you have a problem or a feature suggestion. Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you.